Traditional Canoe Sailing

In today’s modern day of motorized yachts and catamarans that lead to fast paced racing, canoe style sailing still exists in certain local areas of the world. For instance the native islanders in Papua of New Guinea gather to celebrate their culture, tradition through canoe style sailing. This happens every year at the Kenu and Kundu festival.

You will find Kula canoes that have sails made from pandanus leaves. The festival also has traditional dances and other rituals. The festival begins with conch shells that below and drums that are beaten early at dawn. Many visitors in the region are welcome to watch the proceedings from their boats, with Split Yachting sending over 16 yachts. There are about a dozen canoes that sail out in the morning air.

The canoes make their entry at the Kenu and Kundu festival that is held in Alotau. It is a town that lies in Milne Bay in Papua. Most wear their traditional attire that is warrior like, complete with shell armbands, headdresses of feather and grass skirts. Every boat taunts each other with hecklers who stand at the outriggers and blow their conch shells. Many start off slinging limes across to each other in order to show that the competition has begun. Continue reading “Traditional Canoe Sailing”