SailGP In San Francisco This Year

SailGP is about to be started in San Francisco as well. Many already are aware of the forthcoming SailGP event in Australia in February. This year there would be an inaugural season held in San Francisco as well. The dates for the event are planned for May 4th and 5th in 2019. This is an event that is highly anticipated and would probably begin its new chapter in the US after its success in other parts of the world.

US audience would be introduced to a form of sailing that is redefined and would also help to showcase talents of the national team on home turf. This would be the first Grand Prix event by SailGP in the US. There are already five events that are happening in different parts of the world this year among which the US event is second in line. The event is sanctioned by World Sailing and is spearheaded by Larry Ellison, the Oracle founder, and Sir Russell Coutts.

Each event this year would have teams which represent the six countries namely, Australia, the US, Great Britain, Japan, France, and China. These teams would race on foiling catamarans, 50 foot in length and identical in design, also known as F50. This particular catamaran is designed to be the fastest and is also technologically the most advanced.

SailGP San Francisco would take place on Saturday, May 4th and conclude on Sunday, May 5th. The event would be based out of the Marina Yacht Club Peninsula located in the center of San Francisco Bay. There would be short format races of the fleet, five in total and culminate with the top two contenders facing off in the match finale on Sunday. Sailing fans in the country will get to witness the flying catamarans that move faster than most boats in the water and showcase what is the upcoming generation of sailing.