Etchells World Championships Kicks Off

Racing in the forty-seventh Etchells World Championships started earlier this morning, with Kevin Wilson, Principal Race Officer, selecting to start racing on schedule, with the signal boat situated just off the north west of Ninepins. 43 Etchells began this year’s World Championships in 10-12 kts of true north, on a flat 1.8 nm course. Swiss entry No Dramas as well as Australian entry Highlander, were both over at the start, but came back and cleared the line.

After a twenty-three minute beat, Steve Benjamin’s Scimitar was the very first of an equally split fleet to go the windward mark, before of Phan, Jezebel and Aretas. With freighters and fishing boats adding a little local color, the group went on to use the whole expanse of the race course on the 1st run, dividing equally around the port and starboard gate marks with Scimitar holding onto her spot. Continue reading “Etchells World Championships Kicks Off”

Super Yachts on display in Florida

If you are interested in the super yacht market, then you might take a trip to Florida. There would be $4 billion worth of floating asset on showcase at annual Fort Lauderdale Boat Show that started on Thursday. Around 1500 yachts as well as 100000 people would assemble in South Florida for the event that is thought by many to be the boat shows’ Super Bowl.

When some of the top as well as most expensive super yachts will be a part of the show, the sale is not just limited to highly priced yachts.  The event also features a lot of toys for the super rich to play with when they are out there at sea, including a luxury submarine and a mega yacht-friendly chopper.

The only thing which is better than making a hole-in-one at a gold field is dealing with a mega yacht, which is 200-foot long. Duane Hagadone, the newspaper magnate, golf aficionado and real estate developer, is selling his custom-built yacht that he said comes with a lot of sizzle.

The most interesting feature for golf lovers is an automatic tee arrangement on the top deck. This is partnered floating holes which could be left into the water to make an 18-hole wet golf field. Named after the wife of Hagadone, the Lady Lola includes four guest rooms as well as an owner’s suite which takes up an entire three-thousand-square-foot deck. There is also a plunging pool, a soundproof office and a grand piano.