Mike Jury Nominated For Award

For his outstanding work with the club he was associated with for long time; sailor Mike Jury, 70 years, was nominated for Old Pulteney Maritime Heroes Awards.

His nomination for the award was done by Sailing Club Weymouth. Total thirty semi-finalists were selected across the United Kingdom from various entries sent. Jury is one among them.

Jury is nominated in category of club service and he has served Sailing Club Weymouth with two terms first as Rear Commodore Moorings and Yard for the last 10 years. According to nomination Mr. Jury has operated determinedly and has extraordinarily represented the club, without Jury it would have not been possible to for the club to reach at success level where it is today.

To recognize the dedication and enthusiasm of Mr. Jury, Old Pulteney presented a Maritime Heroes Awards certificate along with a bottle of 12 Year Old Single Malt to Mr. Jury.  The Finale of competition will take place in December and Mr. Jury is now among the thirty sailing stars that have been shortlisted across the UK who is going for the final round. If Mr. Jury will successful and he will receive the winning amount of £2,000, Old Pulteney 21 Year Old bottle, the bottle was voted ‘World Whisky of the Year’ in year 2012 and a commemorative trophy.

The award is given to people associated with the club and who has shown unsurpassed commitment towards the success of the club. Sailing clubs of the UK were called to nominate members that they felt worth for this recognition. There were three categories in which nomination has to be made Club Service, Sailing Achievement and Bravery.

Sailing Club Weymouth is hopeful about Mike Jury winning the competitions. However, only the final day will disclose the name of a winner, as all thirty finalists are best at their service.