Final Day Winners Of World Cup Series

The final day results of the World Cup Series in France were exciting indeed for the fans to watch.

Though the final day was overcast and cloudy, it did not dampen the spirits of the final competitors. Pavlos Kontides from CYP was in the middle of the limelight as he was up for the gold position again in the Laser Medal Race. For his fans, it was a déjà vu experience of what they had witnessed in the finals of the World Cup held in Melbourne in 2016. At that time he battled with Matt Wearn of Australia for the gold while in the Hyeres event he was found battling it out with Marrai for the final position. The race was a close one and both Marrai and Kontides finishes with 63 points due to which the Medal race on the final day had to be a close and conclusive one.

The other exciting performances came from Tom Burton, who already the fame of Rio Olympics had tagged to him. The Laser Radial category for women saw Evi van Acker from Belgium hold onto her leading position.

Though she was assured of silver, she targeted gold and that is what she won at the end. There were several of whom the wins came for the first time like Alican Kaynar from Turkey. Having competed and won gold he stated that it definitely boosted his confidence and makes him look forward to the coming competitions like the European championship coming up in a week. Other notable names were that of Nicholas Heiner of NED who put in consistent performance through the week. Though the Medal races saw him finish in the ninth position he did end up with silver as a result. Others who secured gold in the final day were Will Ryan and Mat Belcher of Australia.