SailGP In San Francisco This Year

SailGP is about to be started in San Francisco as well. Many already are aware of the forthcoming SailGP event in Australia in February. This year there would be an inaugural season held in San Francisco as well. The dates for the event are planned for May 4th and 5th in 2019. This is an event that is highly anticipated and would probably begin its new chapter in the US after its success in other parts of the world.

US audience would be introduced to a form of sailing that is redefined and would also help to showcase talents of the national team on home turf. This would be the first Grand Prix event by SailGP in the US. There are already five events that are happening in different parts of the world this year among which the US event is second in line. The event is sanctioned by World Sailing and is spearheaded by Larry Ellison, the Oracle founder, and Sir Russell Coutts.
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Ambitious As Ever: Oman Sail

Diam World tour is one of the interesting concepts introduced by Diam 24 one design. Oman Sail’s accomplishments started off with Diam’s world tour followed by their success in Pacific. Bernard Stamm’s Cheminees Poujoulat and Beijaflore team won second and third place respectively.

Oman credits their success to their consistency throughout the international season. In sailing EFG sailing Arabia, the team had secured third place in February and in July, it bagged the fourth place in the season centerpiece Tour Voile in France along with their co-skipper Thierry Douillard.
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The Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) has been tagged the ‘Everest of Sailing’ by considering the challenging conditions the sailors go through in the once-in-three-year round the world race. Seven teams slug it out in the course of nine months, stopping in five cities across five continents in a 45,000 nautical-mile marathon.

The captain of Team Brunel, one of the participating teams, explains how vulnerable the sailors are as they partake in the gruelling and risky adventure.

Sir Durward 100 Regatta

There was the Sir Durward 100 Regatta held last weekend, which featured sloop sailing. What showcased out of the regatta was something quite bleak; that the sailors were unable to come together and work towards a common goal. Many might point out to the organizers and race committees, but the truth is that the sailors are the ones riding the waves and can make or break a race.


This race was a sad one as participants were being asked to come and participate; race officials were assisting in towing and rigging functions. This was indeed ridiculous as the race committee should not have to do such tasks, but simply ensure that the rules are being followed. The organization of the committee was also poor and communication was not adequate; there were supposed to be 31 boats in the water, but half of the boats did not show up for participation; the debate is probably between the organizers as well as the participants.

The competition that is organized in memory of Sir Durward showcased poor showmanship or spirit of sailing among competitors. The weather conditions on the day of the races were bad; as a result the sailing started with a three hour delay. The sloop sailing enthusiasts do lament about the techniques involved and how these need to be changed, but before fingers are pointed, it is imperative that the sailors themselves work hard at any race that is organized. There were several participants from the Nassau Yacht Club who comprised of young sailors. Many feel that the fact that the National Family Island Regatta Committee was in charge of the regatta and that there was no prize money involved, it probably took the wind out of most eager participants. This was definitely a downer for those who were looking to participate seriously.

Super Yachts on display in Florida

If you are interested in the super yacht market, then you might take a trip to Florida. There would be $4 billion worth of floating asset on showcase at annual Fort Lauderdale Boat Show that started on Thursday. Around 1500 yachts as well as 100000 people would assemble in South Florida for the event that is thought by many to be the boat shows’ Super Bowl.

When some of the top as well as most expensive super yachts will be a part of the show, the sale is not just limited to highly priced yachts.  The event also features a lot of toys for the super rich to play with when they are out there at sea, including a luxury submarine and a mega yacht-friendly chopper.

The only thing which is better than making a hole-in-one at a gold field is dealing with a mega yacht, which is 200-foot long. Duane Hagadone, the newspaper magnate, golf aficionado and real estate developer, is selling his custom-built yacht that he said comes with a lot of sizzle.

The most interesting feature for golf lovers is an automatic tee arrangement on the top deck. This is partnered floating holes which could be left into the water to make an 18-hole wet golf field. Named after the wife of Hagadone, the Lady Lola includes four guest rooms as well as an owner’s suite which takes up an entire three-thousand-square-foot deck. There is also a plunging pool, a soundproof office and a grand piano.